The Friday Five!

1. I’ve written here before about  how February is not my favorite month. Nothing personal, we just don’t mesh. Maybe it’s the cold, or the gray, or the cold and gray. But I must have angered February, because last week was a real kicker. My husband AND daughter both got sick over the weekend (with a stomach bug and cold, respectively) and I was playing double nursemaid. Also, I am highly suggestible and paranoid when it comes to stomach bugs, so I was convinced that at any moment I, too, would be felled like a giant oak. Clorox Wipes and soap and water were my besties, let’s just put it that way. I wiped down everything, constantly, including myself. If I could have worn a hazmat suit, I would have. Everyone’s better now, thankfully, although I am still exhausted. I’m determined, now, to make nice with this month. After all, next week is Valentine’s Day. Which means chocolate! Which is not cold or gray. Ideally.

2. As I write this, the internet is buzzing with expectation for the SNOWPOCALYPSE and the BLIZZARD OF ALL TIME, which is about to hit the Northeast. They’re calling it Nemo, which is weird because when I hear that name I think cute orange fish, not travel nightmares, snowplows and shoveling driveways. There’s something contagious about storm panic/prep, though. Even though it’s doing NOTHING here (but being, well, cold and gray BUT THAT IS OKAY, FEBRUARY!) I have this urge to hunker down, make a big pot of mac and cheese  and nap. There is a certain comfort to being snowed in, or at least there WAS until I had a rowdy, energetic five year old to entertain. Gone are the days when I could, you know, eat carbs, crash, and watch Bravo marathons while the white stuff piled up outside. Now it’s all about Keeping Her Busy Without Making Myself Crazy. I keep telling myself, though, that a time will come when she’ll want to be only with her friends and spend most of her time in her room on the phone (or mind-meld, or whatever technology will rule by that point) so I need to soak this time up. Still, I miss those marathons. Hopefully Bravo will still be around and kicking in ten years.

3. The Moon and More, my next book, will not be out until June 4th, but things are starting to pick up  nonetheless. Some review copies have gone out, some ARCs to librarians and bloggers, and the folks at Penguin are busy cooking up all kinds of fun stuff that I’ll be able to tell you about as things get closer. It’s starting to feel more REAL,which you would think would not be that exciting since this is the eleventh time I’ve done it, but it TOTALLY is. The lag time between finishing a book and seeing it released allows for LOTS of time for neurotic types like me to obsess, agonize and just generally tie myself up in knots. The best thing to do at this point, at least for me, is to start another book. It just allows me to cut the cord that much more, so to speak. It’s not that I’m done with The Moon and More: it hasn’t even started yet. But it’s shifting, as we speak, into another phase. Like this week, I got to listen to some auditions for the audiobook, which is always fun. Also sort of bizarre, and I am not used to hearing anyone read my stuff aloud but, you know, me. It’s hard to let go! I have to admit, I’m so weird about all this I can’t even imagine how I’ll take my kid heading off to kindergarten in the fall. Jesus. Better start putting money aside for extra therapy NOW.

4. Another thing that happens as a book release nears is I have to find that sticky balance between doing necessary promotion and being obnoxious. This is not easy, as of course I WANT to tell people about my book and extra stuff that has to do with it, but I also hate it when someone bombards me with so much ME ME BUY BUY MY MY BOOK BOOK that I want to do exactly the opposite. Social media makes this even stickier. If someone, say, reads this blog, follows me on Twitter and Instagram AND Tumblr, they might get sick of hearing about the book fast. Lately I’ve been trying to figure out where Facebook fits in with all of this. I have a Facebook account under Sarah Dessen, as well as a Sarah Dessen page, but I am UBER slack about checking/updating them. To me, Facebook is more for friends and family, while everything else is for, you know, everyone else. But I know a lot of authors use FB for their professional stuff as well. I guess I’m wondering if you, kind reader of this blog, look for authors on FB or if it’s more for your friends/family, like I use it? The last thing I want to do is make everyone sick of my book before it’s even out. But at the same time…ugh. I think I need a dance break or something.









Ah, that’s better. You can only think about work for so long before you just NEED to see a picture of the Nard Dog from The Office busting a move in an elevator. If you’re in the Northeast, be safe this weekend! Hunker down and watch some Bravo for me. Don’t forget the mac and cheese!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

25 Responses to The Friday Five!

  1. Laura says:

    Hey Sarah, About Facebook. I mostly use it for friends/family but it is always fun to tag you in comments when I suggest your books to my friends who ask for a good book to read. If we do get snow in Ohio I will be sure to make some Mac & cheese and watch some Bravo for you :) Also, true Sarah Dessen fans could never get sick of hearing about a new book! I’m so so so excited for June 4th. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. MLE says:

    I don’t get sick of hearing about your books, I love hearing about your books. :)
    Also, I really only use Facebook for staying in touch with friends and family.

  3. Erin says:

    Just speaking to the Facebook part: I have a teacher Facebook Page (not that we can access it at school *sigh*) that I love to friend authors from so that my kids can see that they are connectable in other ways. They like to peruse pics and read notes and see updates that aren’t as fast and furious as Twitter (and sometimes more understandable to them). They do love some Instagram though. I would say that it isn’t something you would need to update daily at all. A new status every once in a while – link back to the blog – or Instagram pic shot makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Then again – I have two Facebooks since my students apparently can’t handle the “real” me. :)

  4. Sarah, I think you do a great job at not being too self-promotey (even having and sharing neuroses about it is nice, versus just being all ‘me me me book book book’!). I also feel there’s a big difference between blog posts and links to interviews or events going alongside all the other stuff and having a stream that is just ‘buy the book now buy it buy it buy it buy it!’

    Re: Facebook, there are some writers I follow and others I am (real-life) friends with – usually if their stuff is stuff I enjoy reading, it’s great to hear about it. Most crazy self-promo-y types are at it constantly, not just around the time a book is out – there’s a difference between a short burst of activity and a constant onslaught. :)

  5. Nicole says:

    I use Facebook for personal stuff with friends and family and for fanpage-type stuff. I actually love that it’s a place where I can do both. And, speaking as someone who does follow you to the best of my ability on every possible medium, I’m totally okay with you shamelessly promoting your book on all of them :)

  6. Stephanie says:

    LOVE the Andy Bernard gif :) And I know you didn’t mention it here, but I am also sad that the USPS is cancelling Saturday service. I’m always the mail getter at my house. My husband doesn’t get it. But I will miss the Saturday delivery :) Nothing better than when one of your magazines arrives that day.

  7. Abbey says:

    That’s so cool that you get to listen to the auditions for audiobooks! I listen to a LOT of audiobooks and sometimes I feel like it affects the way I react to a book, so it’s so good to know that authors have a hand in picking the narrator! (or, at least, that you do.)

    I actually don’t have facebook. But. I never get tired of hearing about your books coming out. It usually makes me more excited.

  8. ashley says:

    I personally, LOVE hearing about your books. Whenever I hear something new, if it’s small, or big, I just get so happy. That’s what happens after 9 years of reading your books, and being a total fan girl. Anyway, as long as we’re in the loop some way or another, I think we’re good. There are so many social media sites you’re connected with, and you have this website, I don’t think facebook is absolutely necessary. I can’t wait for your tour dates to be announced. I’m hoping there’s a Southern California date in there somewhere, so we can finally meet.

  9. Emily says:

    I’m so excited about your next book– I’m a HUGE fan! :D

  10. Sara says:

    I see your blog posts more on Facebook because I check it more often than Twitter. I don’t think most people would get sick of hearing you promote your book– if they’re following you on all those different social media sites, it’s because they’re a big fan of yours and are excited about new book news from you!

  11. Arae says:

    I also use facebook for mostly friends and family, keeping in touch with college happenings, and events my friends are hosting (by that, I mean college parties. >_< don't worry I am actually in college, not just a creeper). Anywho, I do like to 'like' my favorite famous people of their respective category so having one is nice, but I don't necessarily think you need to be updating it nonstop. Maybe, an announcement for big things like "HEY y'all my new book is out now!" but it is not something that needs to be an everyday time-taker-upper. I mean, judging from twitter, you are one busy lady! With your (adorable) daughter, husband, writing, signing tip-in sheets, and giving talks.

    Just my opinion on the subject.
    Also, over promoting a book is better than over promoting anything else. I mean, you spend hours on it and it's not like HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS NEW PHOTO OF ME AREN'T I PRETTY, which would be undeniably annoying.

    Best regards,


    p.s. You know when your book, Dreamland, was $2.99 for the eBook? Where can I go (in the internet megaworld) to find out about these deals? I literally jumped for joy when I read your tweet, not that I wouldn't spend more, I'm just a college student. Ha.

  12. Madison says:

    Oh my gosh I cannot believe that The Moon and More will be released on my birthday!!! Can you say best present ever?! And I promise you, none of us fans on your blog love to be bombarded with exciting news about you; it’s why we’re here. :)
    And about the facebook question, I never really look for authors on there. I’m content with reading author’s blogs and websites and twitters, and I use FB for family as you do!

  13. Haley says:

    Hi Sarah!
    In response to your question about whether or not to continue with Facebook, I say forget it! I actually do follow you on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr along with reading this blog so I get all the updates without ever having to check your Facebook. Plus, I’m a huge fan of eliminating unnecessary time suckers.
    Have a good one!

    P.S. Thanks for posting that GIF from The Office! I recently discovered the show on Netflix and I’m completely obsessed!

  14. Isabel says:

    I really like getting book updates, including “buy book my buy…” on facebook which I use for friends and family but for authors etc too. More interesting than other statuses I get :) Especially your statuses :D Really looking forward to The Moon And More, for my last summer before Uni :) xx

  15. Briel K. says:

    Now that I think about it one of the few authors I follow on Facebook. I mostly keep up with my favorite authors via twitter or their blogs. I’ll buy your book no matter how much promotion you do so give it your all! ;)

    I am TOTALLY with you with regards to avoiding stomach bugs like the plague. My parents got sick over Thanksgiving and I was wiping everything down and walking around with my scarf around my face. UGH. So happy I didn’t catch it. Glad you managed to avoid it too!

  16. Katie says:

    I personally love your books!:) I just finished This lullaby again and I still want to know
    What song Remy’s Dad was singing?

    About the facebook page dont its not worth the extra work..

  17. BR says:

    I have a facebook account, but I don’t use it for professional reasons. I know you can “like” stuff for products, coupons and promotions, but I use it for personal reasons only.
    As someone who use to stay up to date on your myspace (way back when) but now follows you here, twitter, tumblr and even checks in on pinterest… well put it this way: I know you are on facebook, but I don’t look for you there.

  18. McKenna says:

    Hi! I can’t wait until your next book comes out. I just finished with What Happened to Goodbye? and I’m reading Lock and Key right now. You’re a really great author! Keep writing!

  19. Anna says:

    Certainly, Sarah, a good book will find its way to right readers or right readers will find their road to a book suitable for them.
    Personally, I do not follow writers on Facebook or Twitter; I like a good official site with such a dynamic and sincere blog as yours.
    I registered myself on Facebook and Twitter but I do not use those means of communication, because I feel now very reserved towards them. You could become quite easily addicted to them. I appreciate the most direct relationships, in a real world. On the other hand such sites as yours are wonderful, because I can find a lot things about my beloved writers.

  20. Kinzie says:

    I live in Arkansas, and they said it was going to snow….they lied. It is cold, wet, and grey… ugh, February isn’t my bestie…. but we all have to deal with, and the sooner we get this over with the sooner we get summer :D

  21. I like your books so much. I am a huge fan of your books. I love reading your books all the time in school and out of school.

  22. April says:

    Ohmygosh! You are my favorite author and I am so grateful to have found this website!

    In answer to your question, books are one of the things I don’t believe can be over promoted. I mean, I for one would LOVE to hear whatever you want to add in about ‘The Moon and More’.

  23. Emily says:

    Hope your family feels better! :) I can’t wait for The Moon and More! My birthday is June 2nd, it’ll be such a treat for a belated birthday! :D

  24. Emily says:

    Facebook is definitely a friends and family thing. But even if you did update FB about The Moon and More, I could never get sick of hearing about it. I’m anxiously, anxiously waiting for my Dessen fill. Feeling so greatful it’s set for release on my birthday! I’m going to be getting the ultimate birthday gift from you and you don’t even know it!

  25. Bee says:

    The only social media account I have is facebook so I only follow authors through that. I would be very sad if you were to not use facebook.