Wow. What a wet, water-logged weekend. I feel like I spent the last two days inside a sponge. (Not a good image, right?) But now the sun is TRYING to come out, and maybe it will succeed. That would be nice.

We were braced for Charley. Ever since the ice storm where we lost power for eight days, whenever there’s a threat of it happening again we go into preparation mode. Do any laundry that needs to be done, run the dishwashwer—nothing like dirty dishes after eight days of sitting, ugh!—get out the flashlights, make sure there’s propane in the grill, and on and on. Then, all you can do is buckle down and hope for the best. On Saturday, after Charley had wreaked havoc in Florida, we waited for it to come here. And it just…didn’t. It swung more eastward, instead, which was a huge relief. So I packed up my storm kit, at least for the time being. I feel so awful for those folks in Florida: we’ve spent the last two Spring Breaks in Sanibel, which was hit HARD. It’s amazing what nature can do sometimes. Scary.

In other news, I’ve been watching the Olympics every night, which is just so great. I was rooting for George Hincapie to win the cycling gold (he didn’t) and I love that gymnast who worked at the pizza place and came back from injury with the help of Pamela Anderson (whose book, on a related note, I just started, very interesting). So far I’ve been most intrigued by the event where you have two people diving at the same time, and they have to be in perfect synchronization. Watching something like that really puts your own skills (and lack thereof) into perspective. I mean, doing all those dives is hard enough, but timing them just right with someone else? Can I just say, I’m impressed. Seriously.

Finally, a thank you to everyone, especially the folks who have signed my guestbook lately. (Including a woman from Istanbul. No joke! How cool is that?) Hearing nice things about my books always makes my day, but it was especially nice on Saturday, when I received in the mail the harshest review of The Truth About Forever. Ouch! I’m not going to go into details, because it’s totally not worth it, and besides, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But it still stung. Of course, in true Sarah fashion, it came with a starred review from School Library Journal, which is fabulous, but what am I dwelling on? Exactly. It so doesn’t matter. But the kind words, all the kind words, really help me remember whose opinions I care about most…yours. So thanks.

have a good day everyone!