I just signed onto AOL and on the main screen, where they show a variety of news stories, there was a picture of two babies fighting over a toy with the caption: PLAYDATES GONE BAD. Goodness. Is that like Girls Gone Wild? I hope not.

Late entry, busy day, everything is falling by the wayside. But oh, well. I have about a week left of summer vacation and I am trying to squeeze out every drop. It seems like the last class of spring semester was just yesterday. Where does the time go? I’ve been busy setting up a few commitments and appearances for the coming year, some of them all the way in April 2005. That is a LONG way off. I used to not be able to plan past next Tuesday. I think I was somewhat calmer then, to be honest.

Finally, I’ve long been fascinated with various LJ icons, especially the ones that are like little movies, showing a scene over and over again. How cool are those? I’m so not tech savvy I couldn’t even begin to figure out how to make one, but I enjoy them just the same. And I was immensely tickled by the icons recently put up on Sarahland , many of which have to do with my books. Very cool. In fact, they made my day. So thank you for that.

have a good afternoon everyone!