I have said here before how crazy I am about my Tivo. How, when I got it, it was like a religious experience, of sorts, and now I want to convert everyone I see. “What?” I say. “You don’t have Tivo? You don’t even know what it IS? Oh, my goodness. Sit down. Take a breath. And listen to this.” And so on. The other day, though, I met someone who was this enthusiastic about Netflix: at the mere mention of it, followed by me saying I didn’t know much about it, she was off and running.

It does seem like an interesting concept. I haven’t rented movies in ages—literally years—because I live pretty far out in the country, and I always hated the responsibility of having to return them, which I always did on time, because I am Just That Kind Of Person. Anyway, once I got a DVD player I just started indulging my movie addiction: if I want a DVD, I tend to just buy it, as I am the kind of person that will watch a movie over and over again. I am also the kind of person who will grab a stack of movies and just watch my favorite parts of them, kind of like a visual mix tape. (There aren’t a lot of people who watch movies, repeatedly, and an even smaller number of folks who like to watch parts of movies. But whatever, that’s just me.) However, Netflix does sound intriguing, especially since you can just stick them back in the mail. I may have to try it. In the meantime, I have become the lending library for several people, including my husband’s friend Eric, who dropped in yesterday and borrowed a few of my movies. He takes two or three, brings them back a few days later, and exchanges them for new ones. Yesterday, having picked through the collection, he said, “Hold on, I want to put them back like they were,” to which I said, “There is no order. It’s chaos,” which is true, although I appreciated the sentiment. Maybe I should organize my movies by category, or alphabetically. I could put a pad of paper on the cabinet where I keep them, and everyone could just sign them out and back in again. I would get to indulge my childhood librarian-esque fantasies, here in my own home! Bliss!

But…that would mean having to organize them first. And that’s a project I’d only undertake while procrastinating about something else. It’s like in college, when I really had to study: that was the time my spice rack got put in order, or I cleaned out the fridge or my closet. Maybe I should take a class or something. Imagine how much I’d get done!

Anyway. In a final note, last night I watched this Behind the Scenes thing on VH1 about the Surreal Life, my new addiction. And I have to say, the previews for the new season, beginning in September, were SCARY. I’ll just tell you this: Flavor Flav and Brigette Nielson, together. As a couple. Canoodling in the swimming pool.

Yes, I know.


have a good day everyone!