I had a verklempt moment during the Olympic coverage last night. When Tyler Hamilton won the gold medal for the cycling time trial, I was so happy for him. But when he started talking about his dog, who died during the Tour de France and was his best friend in the world, and then pulled out the dog’s tag to show how he’d had it with him when he went for the win….well. Very emotional. I’m just so happy that he won something, he’s had such a hard time with the last two Tours. Somewhere, I hope Lance Armstrong is raising a Shiner Bock for him.

Anyway. Last night I was flipping between the Olympics and Amish in the City (I know, I know) when it occurred to me (mid-flip) that I have the worst attention span. It seems like I’m always watching two things at once, or reading a magazine and watching TV, or balancing my checkbook and listening to the radio. When I was a kid my mom always used to get dismayed when she saw me doing my homework and talking on the phone, or with the TV on the background, but I always told her it didn’t affect my work. (Which was mostly true. Or sort of true.) At any rate, someone told me recently that mine was the first multitasking generation, and maybe I’m proof of that. But I’m trying, these days, to slow down and really focus on one thing at a time. It’s hard! To be honest, the only thing I do in silence, with my full attention, so much so that it’s like time just stops, is writing. I can’t stand noise or music or even my husband talking on the phone downstairs when I’m trying to write: I have to just completely lose myself in what I’m doing for it to work. But as soon as I’m done: noise, chaos, TV, NPR. Bring it on!

Right now I’m multitasking between books, as well: I started reading Pamela Anderson’s Star, and while it’s a fun, frothy beach kinda read, I’m not at the beach, so I’ve been alternating it with Anna Maxted’s new one, Being Committed (I think that’s what it’s called.) I finally finished Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons, which took me FOREVER, and while I liked it I felt like it kind of ended abruptly. I was expecting a bit more closure, but maybe that’s just me? And who am I to talk anyway. I can’t even concentrate on Amish in the City without flipping back to Tyler Hamilton. Or write this without thinking about the fact that it’s 9:14 and I still haven’t gotten in the shower. Or….well, you get the idea.

Have a good day everyone!