Yesterday, out running errands, I totally gave into the call of Linens N Things. I couldn’t help myself.

There’ s something about that place. Especially this time of year, when it’s stock full of stuff for dorms and apartments: storage containers, cheap yet somewhat funky lamps, rugs shaped like flowers, comforters and duvets on sale for low, low prices. Now, I don’t need ANY of this stuff, of course. But it didn’t stop me from walking around, touching everything, and considering buying them anyway. The truth is, there was a time when I really did need that sort of stuff, when I moved into my first apartment (nostalgia!). I remember my grandmother sent me fifty dollars to buy a new set of dishes, and I went out and got this Corelle stuff which, while somewhat boring (white with blue trim) has proved to be completely indestructable. I still use the bowls, over ten years later. (Wait: has it been TEN years since I moved into my first place? It can’t be. No…it’s been fifteen. Oh, my God.)

Anyway, even though I now have rugs and glasses and enough platters to serve everyone I know twice (wedding haul, what can I say) I am always intrigued by the back to school, new start thing that they promote so well at LNT. In fact, I found myself very close to buying some hot pink storage cubes yesterday, until I envisioned the look on my husband’s face when I brought them home, which sort of dissauded me. I think I may be too old for hot pink storage items. Just a hunch. But there is something very sweet about remembering this time of year, everything new and big and looming out in front of you. Fresh notebooks, new dishes, a whole new life, when it seems like you’ve been forever waiting for just that. I think it’s a little harder, now, with a mortgage, so settled, to feel that as strongly, but I still do feel it. You just have to make your own starts, instead of waiting for life to put them in front of you, neatly packed in a (hot pink) storage container. New season. New book, maybe? New semester. New haircut (next week, I cannot WAIT). Life is always offering fresh starts: sometimes, they’re just not on the calendar. Or so I’m learning.

Meanwhile, the students all flood back this weekend. It’s an interesting phenomenon, your town growing by tens of thousands of people in a matter of days. So much for our sleepy summer. But like I said, I’m kind of ready for it. It’s new.

have a good day everyone!