First day classes and I have had WAY too much caffeine. Oh, my goodness.

So far, so good, though, and while I’m sad to see the summer end it’s kind of nice to have a new routine. Although I already have a blister from walking across campus in my nice shoes (can’t wear flip flops, at least not on the first day) and I’m really rethinking drinking two frappacinos instead of one. (Even worse, they have the DOUBLE sized ones at Student Stores, oh, my goodness.)

Last night, winding down and preparing for today, I indulged in one of my favorite activities, reading US Weekly. It is, as I’ve said here before, the very definition of guilty pleasure. Full of fashion and gossip and those awful celebrity shots, where they’re at the grocery store or the bank and are looking at the camera in this “Oh, my God, you’re not seriously taking my picture now, are you?” kind of way. Another thing I love about US Weekly is this one page of ads they run every week: they have shirts you can get personalized, and designer knockoffs and, my very favorite, cubic zirconia replicas of celebrity engagement rings. For a low price, you too can own a ring just like Jessica or Britney! Seriously.

For some reason I am always tempted to order one, just for fun. Maybe I’d keep it here in my office and just casually put in on while talking about the syllabus with my students. Or maybe not.

have a good day everyone!