On the AOL Welcome screen this morning, this newsflash: IT’S GOOD TO BE LINDSAY LOHAN.

I’m sure it is. But is that really all that surprising?

Anyway. Finally it’s Friday, the end of a very long but good week. The biggest thing that happened, other than classes starting, was that I cut my hair on Wednesday, and it was a pretty major chop. My hair had been about halfway down my back, the longest in awhile, but with the end of the summer (and sick of dealing with it) I had it cut to just above my shoulders, very short for me. So short, in fact, that while Lars (my friend who I’ve known since second grade AND who was my senior prom date, how’s that for trivia?) was doing it, and we were chatting, I said, “Wow, that’s pretty short,” and he said, “Yeah, it’s gonna be great.” And we kept talking, a few more minutes, and then I said, “Wow, it’s really short,” and then he gives me this nervous look and says, “You’re not freaking out, are you?” and I said, “My heart’s beating really fast!” and we kind of stared at each other for a second. But half of it was already cut, what could I do, right? In the end though, I really love it. It’s short and bouncy and a very radical change for someone like me, who has basically has the same haircut since she was sixteen.

Which is why I thought for sure THIS time that people would notice a change. I really do think there are two kinds of people in this world: those who notice haircuts, and those who don’t. I like this theory better than my old one, which was that nobody I know actually ever looks that closely at me: I swear, every time I cut my hair, NO ONE notices. At all! Even when I think I look totally different. When I went in yesterday, I had mixed luck in this department: my father, who I went to chat with before class, didn’t notice at all. My friends Marianne and Lisa did (score!) but pointed out that it didn’t look all that different from the last time I got my hair cut (not true!) And so on. I didn’t expect my students to notice, since they’d just met me on Tuesday, but as the day went on nobody else said anything about it. Typical. And here I thought I was just so radical.


Whatever. It’s Friday, I have an open weekend, I can’t complain. I mean, it may not be as good as being Lindsay Lohan, but this is just fine. She has Wilmer, movies, and fame. I have a new haircut, I can sleep in tomorrow, and I may just go to Target today. It’s good to be me!

have a good day everyone!