As I’m writing this as the remnants of tropical storm (depression?) Gaston move over us. Rain, rain, rain. Honestly.

But: it’s the morning after the MTV Video Music Awards, which means it’s time for one of my favorite things: Ryan’s Running Commentary. Good times: in fact, as usual, Ryan’s take is better than the show itself. Personally, I watched it up until the Best New Artist, then went to bed, and Tivoed the rest. And, just like last year, my Tivo cut off prompty at 11, when it was supposed to end, missing the real end altogether. Although I did catch the Polyphonic Spree (so bizarre). Most bizarre of all, though? The pairing of Mandy Moore and Marilyn Manson. Not just because they aren’t exactly, well, alike, but because Mandy is one of my favorite celebrities, (and the only one I’ve ever really met) and I have had this total phobia of Manson for years. He literally makes me shudder: I used to have nightmares about that “Beautiful People” video.


See? Anyway, seeing them together was a strange convergence. Maybe it means something. Or doesn’t. Who knows?

Apparently, while I was watching MTV, the Food Network was showing $40/day, which featured the Durham/Chapel Hill area. One place they visited was our kick-ass local independent bookshop, Branch’s Bookstore, and apparently my books were in view in the background. When I was at Branch’s doing an appearance for The Truth About Forever in June, the owner, Kate, told me she thought my books might have made it into a shot, and apparently, they did. National exposure! In the background, sure, but no matter! It still counts, right? Anyway, thanks to the folks who left comments on my last entry, letting me know. You guys rock.

Also exciting this weekend for me was that my little test I designed on Rum and Monkey has, as of now, gotten 707 hits. I mean, it’s not like some of Ben’s tests, which I’m sure get millions, but still, it’s okay. I am pleased. Although hardly anyone seems to have gotten Bert yet. What’s up with that?

Finally, I just HAVE to comment on what happened at the Marathon yesterday in Athens, because I was watching when it happened. This guy was in the lead with not that far to go when someone leaps past the barrier, runs across the street and basically pushes him into the crowd. He got away, and started running again, but you could see how freaked he was, and he ended up with the bronze. Now, I know a couple of people who are training for marathons, and several who have run them, and let me tell you, just finishing is really as much of a psychological challenge as a physical one. Can you imagine someone just attacking you, as you’re running? I was so mad, and so upset for the guy, who ended up with the bronze. You train, and train, and work so hard, and then in just a few seconds someone can change everything. It’s just not RIGHT.

Okay, enough ranting. It’s a new week, time to move on. Or try to, anyway. If only it would just stop raining….

have a good day everyone!