I swear, I am such a mess.

I mean that literally. Sitting here just now, trying to put on lipstick (I was running late this morning) I dropped the tube, and it bounced off my pants, leaving smudge of browny-pink stickiness. And the sad thing? I did the same thing just the other night, on one of my favorite shirts. Factor in the stain that I just noticed on the shirt I’m wearing, and it cannot be denied: you cannot take me anywhere. I am the kind of person who should never be allowed to leave the house without Shout Wipes.

(I had to steal a tissue from my officemate to try and get it up. I keep horking her Kleenex, I’m so awful, eventually she’s going to notice, I just know it.)

Sometimes, on this campus, I see these girls who look just perfect. Polished, hair exactly in place, makeup seemingly expertly applied, even at 9am. I so wonder about these people, as I am the type—and always have been—to get whatever I am eating, drinking, or doing all over me. Just ask Bianca, who, about ten minutes before we absolutely had to be at my rehearsal dinner, was madly scrubbing the Very Expensive skirt I’d bought, trying to get a stain out that we couldn’t even PLACE. It was like it had appeared by magic, just to thwart me. I swear to you. (Bianca is very good with stains: she also taught me the using-the-hair-dryer-to-dry-the-spot-you’ve-been-scrubbing-because-it’s-faster-trick.) Maybe it’s a genetic thing, this flawlessness. Could be.

A few years ago, this used to really bother me, and I made such an effort to try to clean up my act. I got better at ironing (though I still always put wrinkles in my clothes, instead of taking them out) and started getting better haircuts, so I didn’t look so frizzy. But it really hasn’t changed much. I guess maybe you have to be willing to put in the time, or something, which I think in the end I’m just not. Instead, I’m trying to embrace my flaws, and in doing so take my own advice–or I guess, it’s Kristy Palmetto’s advice—and just relax and enjoy things a bit more. Even a lipstick stain.

have a good day everyone!