So yesterday, I come home, planning to get caught up on all this reading I have to do. First, though, I pop upstairs to my office to check my email. As I come off the stairs, I stop: there is glass everywhere. I walk a little closer, to see even more glass, and my printer and lamp dangling from my desk by their cords. It’s a total mess. My first thought is that someone threw something through the window, but then I realize no, the windows are fine. It’s my DESK. My glass desk, which I’ve had for about two years: the corner part of it, the glass that lays on top of the frame, has given way, or something, and everything on it crashed through. Very dramatic.

I spent the next hour or so picking up huge shards or glass (and cutting my fingers in two places, but not badly) running the vaccuum, and picking glass out of my various printers (one of which I had to pick up and shake, at which point it coughed up the equivalent of a small aquarium, I am not kidding). Then my husband came home, God bless em, and helped me, and now it’s all pretty much cleaned up, although there’s this big empty spot to the right of my computer, which I’ve already laid something on, only to see it fall through to the floor (what can I say, I’m not awake yet).

I suppose these things happen. Suddenly, something that has long been sturdy just gives. I’m trying not to read too much into it, though, because that is my tendency. Every once in awhile, I’ll glance over and see some tiny piece of glass I missed, just glinting. It’s odd.

It’s also the LASTofficial weekend of summer, beginning today, and while I am sad to see it end I am trying to start this fall and winter with a good (better) attitude. I used to like the fall and winter, but my husband, who hates all cool and cold weather, began to rub off on me, and the last couple of years I’ve dreaded it. But no more. I am enthusiastic about fall. About sweaters. (And I saw a student wearing a Gap turtleneck yesterday. Which was crazy. But hints at what is to come.) About the leaves changing. About pumpkins, and curling up in front of the fire (which I never light, but I will this year!) and all those other good things. Yes, yes. The fall. Bring it on. But give us this weekend first, to get that last bit of summer out of our systems. Deal? Deal.

have a good day everyone!