I was all ready to come to work this morning, running out the door a little late due to the regular dog stubborness, when I looked down at the shirt I’d carefully picked out. Yep: a stain, looked like coffee, too faint to notice rushing around inside but fully obvious in the light of day. Great. Rush back in, change, rush back out, and off I went.

Honestly. It’s one thing to stain your clothes, another to do it and not even NOTICE.


Today, outside, it is the muggiest weather you can imagine. Overcast, the air thick: it’s like living in a sponge. We’re supposed to get up to four to six inches of rain in the next two days, all of which feels like it’s currently hanging overhead, suspended. Sticky doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Meanwhile, I spent my weekend laboring over my laser printer (which I took apart, then put back together only to find to extra screws left over, and I have no idea where they go) which is still broken, eating, and watching reruns of the Surreal Life (season two!) on VH1. I have the premiere of season three Tivoed. It’s just the sickest thing, that I like this show. I’m actually ashamed. Really. Although obviously, not too much to tell you all about it. Just like if you saw me in my stained shirt, before you could comment on it, I’d point it out to you, and tell the whole story. Call it full disclosure. Or a strange need to share. Or just to make fun of myself before you could? Could be any, and all, I guess.

have a good day everyone!