Today, I’m thinking about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

(Okay, maybe you think about them a lot, but really, I don’t. Which is why this is worth commenting on.)

I read this morning that the Olsens begin college this week. I mean, really, let’s just consider that. The first time I saw them, they were babies: literally. Now they’re in college. Which makes me feel so old I can hardly stand it.

Can you imagine what it must be like? I mean, starting college is nerve-wracking, but with everyone staring at you…I would think it would be even worse. Or maybe not. Maybe, they’re so used to the staring that they don’t even notice. Maybe, they’ll be able to do all those college-esque things—pull all nighters studying, go to a political rally or two, hit a few frat parties, study abroad, write a thesis—just like everyone else. But it’s got to be a whole new world. At least they can afford books: I went with a friend who is taking a math class at UNC to buy her book: $106.00! And when she sells it back, at the end of the semester, she’ll get twenty bucks for it. If she’s lucky. I bet the Olsens don’t have that problem. Being mini-moguls and all.

Meanwhile, in the ask-and-ye-shall-receive department, just last week I was complaining to a couple of my students about the Saturday Night Live Best Of series. Right now, I have Best of Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon and Chris Farley. What I REALLY want, I was saying, was the best of Cheri O’Teri, but they don’t even have that available. But then, this Saturday, what do they run at 11:30? That’s right. I was so excited. Maybe this means the DVD is next? When it does come out, you know what that means:

The perfect cheer.


Cha-cha-boochie-cha-cha-cha-boochie roll call!!!

(Okay, if you don’t know that sketch, you think I’m crazy. If you do, though, I bet you’re laughing. At least, I hope you are.)

have a good day everyone!