I’ve written here before about the XM Satellite radio in my car, which I love love love. All these channels to pick from, so many kinds of music, as well as E!, both sides of the political debate (America Right and America Left) even Headline News in Spanish. I have twelve presets, which I’m always switching so I can try out new stations. But one has remained the same since I first got my car: Channel 53, Fungus XL.

It’s all punk rock and rockabilly, all the time, and the first thing my husband does whenever he’s in my car (okay, second thing, after pushing back the driver’s seat and saying my legs are just way too short) is hit that preset for His Station. He loves it. Black Flag, The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Social Distortion, Metalllica, GBH…it’s all there. They also have a nightly show called Hillbilly Hell, the best of rockabilly. Now, on my own, I don’t really listen to many of these bands: I’ve tried to enjoy them, especially when we first got together, but it really seems like a lot of screaming to me, to be honest. But I keep the preset, even though it’s in my car, because it makes him happy, and marriage, as I have learned and continue to learn, is all about compromise.

So today, I’m driving to work, flipping presets, and land on 53. Just as I’m about to change the channel out of habit, I realize the words to the song that’s playing are familiar, if not the tune. I listened for a second, trying to figure out why….and realized it was a cover of “I’m Real,” by Jennifer Lopez. Which was just so weird, and intriguing, that I listened to it all the way into town. Talk about worlds colliding: Punk Rock and…whatever J. Lo sings. And it worked. If only for a few minutes.

have a good day everyone!