So Paris Hilton has written a book. Isn’t the Paris phenomenon interesting? I mean, when you think about it, she’s famous for being famous. That’s got to be a first, or at least a new trend. Think about it: Paris has a book, as does Pam Anderson and mainstream porn star (isn’t that an oxymoron?) Jenna Jameson. Talk about a book tour! Can you even imagine? No sitting in empty bookstores, twirling a pen and watching the clock for them. Oh, no. Packed to the rafters, I’d bet. Yowza.

Meanwhile, on Good Morning America yesterday, they had a clip of Paris offering a few tips from her book. One was, “Don’t eat caviar. Only posers eat caviar.” (Okay.) Another important thing you must do if you’re a heiress: “Look bored.” (Got it.) And finally: “Normal hours are for normal people.” (Oh, dear.) But whatever, she’s at number 19 on Amazon, which is higher than I’ve ever been. So maybe I should be taking notes.

Anyway, onto a girl, and a book, I REALLY love: Bridget Jones. Last night, they had the trailer on AOL, but today I can’t find the one I saw anywhere (must be one of those pesky exclusive things). However, I did find this Working Title Site which has a trailer. So nice. But what’s Daniel doing back? He wasn’t in the second book. (Oh, right, like I’m anyone to complain about movies NOT following the book exactly.) Anyway, can’t wait, can’t wait, although it looks like we have to, at least a little while longer.

At least it’s the weekend. Although, again, we’re watching a hurricane. We had so much rain here, flooding, tornadoes, and poor Florida, the last thing they need is another hit. Come on, Ivan, have a heart. Go away!

have a good weekend everyone….