I’m writing this from what feels like the middle of a biohazard. Seriously.

Today, the sheetrockers arrived to repair the hole in the ceiling of my home office. Five guys, lots of ladders and stomping up and down of steps. I stayed in the bedroom, startled now and then by what sounded like the sounds of things crashing or breaking, although neither seems to have happened, that I can see. At any rate, they fixed the ceiling, and will be back tomorrow to sand it. When I came up here after they’d left, I found everything—my desk, my bookshelves, all the crap that had BEEN on my desk and bookshelves—covered in plastic. It feels very strange to be sitting here, a tiny bit of it pulled aside for my chair and the monitor. Hopefully, by the end of the week everything will be back to normal. Or as normal as things get around here. (Which is to say: not very.)

On a totally unrelated note, some of you may remember a few weeks back when I talked about the navigation system in my car, and how I wished I had one for all aspects of my life. I ended up writing a little piece about it, which ran on our public radio station yesterday at the very end of a show called The State of Things. I would link to the archive, but you’d have to listen to about forty-five minutes of the show to get to my part, and I can’t imagine you have that kind of time. (Or maybe, you do. But still.) At any rate, I just wanted to thank those of you who said it sounded like something I should put in a book, because although I didn’t, it did inspire me to write the essay. I’ve said it before: you guys are the best. Still true.

have a good day everyone!