How cool is it that Judy Blume is going to be awarded an honorary National Book Award? I’ll tell you how cool: very. Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret was a book that changed writing for young adults entirely, and I don’t know anyone of my generation who doesn’t know of her work. (In fact my mother, when trying to explain to people what kind of books I write—and often people have no idea what YA is—will often say, “Sort of like Judy Blume,” at which point people say, “Ahhh,” and nod knowingly.)

(If you’re interested, there was a nice interview with her about the award on NPR yesterday: go here to check it out.)

A couple of years back, at ALA, there was a rumor that she might turn up at cocktail party I was going to, and that I might actually get to MEET her. I was a nervous wreck, and she didn’t show, but what if she HAD? What on earth could I say to Judy Blume to tell her how profoundly she influenced me? I probably wouldn’t even have been able to, instead just standing there stammering like a big freak, like when I met Kaye Gibbons for the first time. I am so not cool when it comes to stuff like that.

It’s just really nice to see someone who has done so much for a genre not altogether respected (although it should be!) get some respect. And long overdue, respect, at that. Nice.

have a good day everyone!