I’m beginning to think that I just shouldn’t pay attention to any movie reviews, or I’ll never go see anything again. Earlier this morning, I tuned into Good Morning America just as Joel Siegel began his roundup of new releases: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Wimbeldon, Head in the Clouds and Mr. 3000. He started by saying a lot of movies were opening, but….none of them are any good. And we’re off!

Wimbeldon wasn’t authentic enough with the tennis shots. (Well, duh? What did you expect, Kirsten Dunst to become Serena Williams?) Head in the Clouds was silly, Mr. 3000 isn’t a kids film although it looks like it is, and Sky Captain, while stunning, has no story. Well, okay. But it’s just one person’s opinion, right? One person who just happens to have a national audience full of folks like me who may make up their minds right then to go do something else other than see a movie that night. Which is just kind of sad.

As a writer, I’m always battling with my own apprehension of bad reviews, and how much weight they’ll carry. But the truth is, you just can’t please everyone. It’s impossible. So you have to take everything that’s said with a grain of salt. I mean, if you look at ads for movies in the paper, you can usually tell what’s good and what isn’t just by the blurbs they run: if Ebert and Roeper say “Two Thumbs Up!”, that’s good, but if the biggest praise they run is from some publication you’ve never even heard of, beware. I know that I tend to disagree with Owen Glieberman from EW: if he hates something, I’ll usually like it. Plus then there’s the whole other level of friends and family: I’ll never forget when, years ago, one of my friends saw Pretty Woman and when I asked him how it was, he rolled his eyes and said, “Oh, horrible. Don’t go see it.” And I almost didn’t. But then I did, and loved it. So you just never know.

Personally, I’ll probably go see Wimbeldon this weekend, because it’s been AGES since there was a romantic comedy around. Sky Captain does look cool, but it’s not really my thing, I like Bernie Mac but probably won’t go see Mr. 3000 and Head in the Clouds….well, eh. Maybe. So there you have it. My uninformed, totally personal opinion. Do with it what you will. Or won’t. Or whatever.

have a great day everyone!