So what a weekend, huh? SJP finally gets her Best Actress in a Comedy Emmy, I finally get to the movies, and Britney fin–, uh, gets married.

First: I missed Ms. Parker’s win because I went to bed, but I did get to see both Christopher and Adriana from the Sopranos win, as well as the Daily Show, which made me happy. I would have liked to see Chapelle’s show win something: maybe it happened after I cut it off? Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile: Britney. Okay, so everyone’s probably talking about this in livejournal land (or maybe not) but I’ll just say this: maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe, now Britney can just disappear for awhile, which would probably be best for everyone. (The new issue of EW has an article on just this subject, if for some reason you’re interested.) Personally, I think we’re all tired of all those unflattering shots of her walking barefoot into gas station bathrooms (ew!) or wearing very very short jeans cuttoffs and eating fast food. In EW, though, they say the market for such pictures is really high, like $3000 a shot, with exclusives getting even more. So it’s no wonder. The truth is, I’ve always liked Britney, but she’s kind of lost me lately with all the skin in the videos (from which there is, really, no going back). The thing that really got me, though, was the shot they ran in some magazine of her dumping her ashtray off her apartment balcony. I mean, that’s just rude, and littering is one of my HUGE pet peeves. Maybe marriage will help that, as well? Here’s hoping.

Then: I went to see Wimbeldon yesterday. While it wasn’t perfect, I thought it was really cute, and a nice way to spend an hour and a half. I’m not a huge Kirsten Dunst fan, but Paul Bettany was GREAT. And the way it was shot was interesting as well. I recommend. I recommend!

Finally: something that’s been making me go hmmmm all weekend. On my mail screen here on AOL, there are several tabs, such as new mail, sent mail, manage mail, etc. This weekend, a new one popped up on the end that said, in orange letters, THE FUTURE OF AOL. Here’s the irony: when I click on it…nothing. Blank screen. Like I said: hmmmm. Makes you wonder.

have a good day everyone!