So yesterday, someone asked why I always say “Have a good day everyone!” at the end of my entries. The answer is, because I really do want you all to have a good day. And, more selfishly, I want to have a good day myself. So I figure saying that might help it happen. Right?

Well, for me, yesterday was not a good day, really. Nothing awful happened, just the culmination of something I’ve been working on for awhile, and the result was not ideal. (Yes, Courtney: it is what you think it is. But I’m okay, really.) Anyway, so I was feeling a bit crushed, in total pity party mode, even though, like many disappointments, I knew in the end it was all for the best. (Sorry to be so cryptic, but it’s really not worth getting into it.) Anyway, after dragging around for awhile, I decided to take my friend Leigh’s advice and go get some ice cream: she claims she can’t weather any kind of stress without it. So I went up to this country ice cream store out in the country outside Chapel Hill proper, this great place with a huge front porch lined with rocking chairs. The view looks out over all this pasture land and cornfields and it’s just gorgeous. It was early afternoon, right before the after-school rush, and I was the only one out there, at first. I got myself a sundae (coffee ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, nuts AND a cherry, because tough times call for serious calorie intake) and settled into a rocking chair, looking out over the view.

It was beautiful. Rolling green hills, the corn gone, fields ready to be planted. Bright blue sky, so welcome after all this bad weather, and clouds so perfect they didn’t even look real. Birds overhead, moving in slow, lazy circles, their shadows moving over the fields. And so, so quiet, except for the steady creak of my rocking chair. After a little while, this elderly couple arrived: he was in a motorized chair, and she went inside to get the ice cream while he took the ramp up to the porch. As he passed me, he smiled, and I smiled back, and then his wife came out and they settled in on the other side of the porch. We were all quiet, for the longest time, and then the woman said, loud enough for me to hear, “That’s the thing about this place. You come out here, and all your worries just go away.” And she was right, of course. But it’s one thing to tell yourself that it’s all going to be okay, and another to hear it out loud at the very moment you need to. So for that, I was grateful. Very grateful. And the sundae was one of the best I’ve had, ever.

Meanwhile, on a more cheery note, today IS going to be a good day: why, you ask? Because Mean Girls is out on DVD, and I am going to treat myself to it as soon as I leave work today. Nothing like a little teen angst to cheer you up, right?

Have a good day everyone! (really.)