After a pretty bad Monday, as discussed, I had a REALLY good day yesterday. The weather was beautiful, my class went really well, and the folks I work with at UNC were all so nice to me: my friend Lisa gave me a coupon for free ice cream (yes!), the wonderful poet Michael Mcfee gave me a poem, Marianne Gingher gave me a sticker and Bland Simpson performed an exorcism on me. Or, sort of: he put his hand to my forehead and said, “Devil, come out!” which he always does when I’m having a bad day. And it works, too. (Maybe at another university, or another Creative Writing Department, this would be seen as odd. Not here, though.)

When I got home, I found an entry in my guestbook from Brigitte in New Orleans, telling me how much she was enjoying listening to This Lullaby on a local radio station where they read books for the blind . I had no idea about this, so I tuned in at 5:30 my time, and sure enough, there was someone reading from my book. Now, I’m always a little thrown when I hear anyone else read my stuff—the audio versions of That Summer and Someone Like You were totally surreal to me—and this was no exception. The guy reading it clearly hadn’t read the book before, so he was stumbling a bit, and every once in a while you’d hear him pause, like maybe the words had disappeared for a second (a long second) before popping up again. Plus it’s just funny to hear a guy reading Remy’s voice. But I sat there for the full half hour, listening. That was part 18, and it was close to the end, but there has to be at least another part or so, if anyone’s interested and bored at 4:30 CST, check it out. And thanks to Brigitte for letting me know about it.

Speaking of the radio, here’s something really worth listening to: Judy Blume is going to be on The Connection today. I’m a total NPR junkie, so I listen to the Connection fairly often. The first hour is usually more political, the second focusing on the arts. But a whole hour of Judy? I can’t wait. I have to run errands all morning but can fully see myself sitting in my car, unable to go into the dry cleaners or bank for fear of missing something she’s saying. Like I said last week, it’s great to see her and her books back in the spotlight, where they belong. Yes!

have a good day everyone!