Oh, God help me. Last night I watched the premiere of the new season of America’s Next Top Model . It’s all downhill from here.

It was all there. Tyra, being very dramatic as she read off the names of the finalists. Jay Manuel and Jay Alexander. Cattiness, gorgeousness, and one bar fight. (Okay, THAT was new.) There was a girl who was so skinny she was hard to look at—even Tyra agreed—and a girl who stomped out without even auditioning because she couldn’t take the pressure. I was determined this year I’d stay away, but this stuff is addictive. Now, I’m in.

Technically, though, it’s not Season Three, according to the website: it’s cycle three. Like this has become something seasonal, or perhaps medical. And maybe it is? Oh, now that’s a scary thought.


But everything is that much more dramatic and dynamic on this show, even how they describe it. Just look at some of the names of the girls this season, er, cycle: Toccara. YaYa. Jennipher (Yes, that’s with a ph. Hello?) I mean, I guess I can’t really talk, with all my Remy, Macy, Halley, etc, but you have to wonder if eventually everyone will have a dynamic name, and therefore nothing will be dynamic anymore. At least the girl from Hendersonville, NC is named Amanda. I wouldn’t be able to handle a Mystique or Lalala from my home state. Too much to bear.

Speaking of NC, I’m off to Charlotte today for a school appearance, something I haven’t done for awhile. Sure, it’s for work, but I’m trying to look at it like a real trip. Maybe even a vacation. And there might even be shopping involved. Do I dare?

(I think I just might.)

have a good day everyone!