I’m a bit awash in nostalgia today, as during my walk across campus, I was listening to a CD I bought this week from Amazon. It’s Beat This: The Best of the English Beat, and just hearing some of the songs…well, it just brought high school back with a smack. But in a good way.

I saw a Bands Reunited a few weeks back about The English Beat, and it got me thinking about how much I loved their music. I went to ITunes, but no luck, and even at Best Buy, there was no trace of them. But on Amazon, I found this Greatest Hits CD, ordered it, and it showed up two days later. I LOVE it. Now, to be honest, I already spend entirely too much time thinking about high school (occupational hazard and all that) but sometimes, in a situation like this, you just can’t help yourself. In tenth grade, I even had a Beat pin that this very cool senior in my typing class gave me…in fact, I bet I STILL have it somewhere.

Isn’t it funny how music can bring back a memory faster and with more lucidity than just about anything else? It’s probably why to this day I turn up any Elvis Costello song I hear on the radio (good times!) and quickly change the station when I hit any Pink Floyd song (not necessarily bad times, but not ones I really want to dwell on). I have a million songs that remind me of working at The Burrito—Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin,” John Anderson’s “Straight Tequila Night,” and entirely too many random train songs my boss, Phil, loved to torture us with—songs that remind me of riding around Cape Cod with my cousins (“And She Was,” The Talking Heads, any Bob Marley). Whenever I hear “Love Train,” I think of my brother, who once played trombone with the Four Tops (or is that the Temptations?) in college. Anything off of Rain Dogs by Tom Waits makes me think of my husband, as he’s the only other person I know besides myself who would probably pick it, without hesitation, as their favorite album of all time.

I think the great thing is that the older you get, the more music becomes mingled in your memory, so that you can’t forget things you might otherwise. There is always the radio, that one song, to remind you, breathing life into some thing long forgotten, and bring you back. Nice.

have a good day everyone!