Busy, busy day, so a quick entry before I run out the door to (hopefully) get everything done so that I can (ultimately) relax and enjoy some of the weekend and (yeah, right) calm down.

First, I just want to say how much I love LiveJournal. Here I think I am all alone in my Starting Over addiction (except for Courtney, who I have roped in and who now is watching regularly, shame on me!) and then I go and find there’s actually a whole Starting Over community. Joy! For those of you who told me in that other entry about shows you feel like you’re the only one watching, I encourage you to see if there’s a community for it, as well. You never know.

Second, a question: I haven’t seen it, but I must know: is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as good as everyone says it is? Or, do I have incredibly high expectations based on the glowing reviews I’ve heard from friends and students, and will therefore be let down? I’m in the same position here as I was with Lost in Translation, which I bought without seeing first, based on the fact that EVERYONE told me I would want to own it once I saw it. They were correct that time, which means they probably are this time, as well, but still….

….and finally, one note about the debates. What was the deal with the podiums? Was anyone fooled into thinking that Kerry and Bush were the same height? Why even bother to try to make us think that? It was so distracting, not to mention comical. Honestly.

Okay, enough queries and questions. On to the day. And the weekend.

have a good day everyone!