Okay, so you were all right. I LOVED Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

I watched it alone, in my bedroom, eating popcorn, and when it was over I was so mad I didn’t have anyone I could turn to as soon as the credits stopped rolling to say, “Oh, my God! That was so good! Wasn’t that good?” Instead, as is often the case, I could only sit there, and then think about the movie for the rest of the night, mulling over it and marvelling at it. In fact, I’m still doing that today.

I have to say, the format is not the kind of thing I usually go for. My students will tell you I crave clarity in storytelling, that I need things to make absolute sense or I get frustrated. But it didn’t happen this time. It was just bizarre enough to keep me interested and still not lose me. I can’t wait to watch it again.

Isn’t it nice when something DOES live up to the hype? I mean, how often does that really happen?

Speaking of great storytelling, we have Ellen Gilchrist coming to speak here tomorrow, and since I wasn’t all that familiar with her work, I bought a collection of her short stories called Flights of Angels and sat down this weekend to read it. (Or try to read it: between the shower and everything else, I’m only about halfway through.) But I have to say: it’s good. I mean, so good that it reminds me that a lot of the stuff I’ve been reading lately—books for the paper that are more fluffy, although still fun—are not even close to this level. You know that feeling, when you’ve just gotten used to reading books that are okay, or pretty good, and then you pick up one and it’s like a smack to the face, hey, wake up! THIS is the real deal? It’s pretty amazing when an author can do with one sentence, one image, one word, even, what another struggles to do with an entire chapter or even entire book. Wow. It’s discoveries like this, this kind of reading experience, that really makes me so GLAD I’m a reader. Because it never ends, you know? There’s always something great still out there to be discovered. I love that.

What a mushy entry, huh? I love everything today. Okay, well maybe not EVERYTHING…

have a good day everyone!