I just saw this very pretty woman in the hallway, nicely dressed, wearing bright red lipstick. It looked really good on her, which impressed me, because red lipstick has NEVER worked on me. I just got one of those email forwards the other day from my friend Hannah, all about why women over thirty are better than younger women.( It was supposedly written by Andy Rooney, although I have no way to confirm this.) Anyway, it was a long list of things, and one of them was that it isn’t until you’re over thirty that can wear red lipstick and do it justice.

My mother rarely wore any makeup other than red lipstick. Maybe that’s why I think of it as being too mature for me, or something, because I associate it with her. It does take a certain boldness and confidence to carry off such a thing: it’s like wearing stilettos, or a hat, it just requires a bit more oomph than your basic jeans and T-shirt. I actually didn’t used to wear lipstick at all, but since I discovered it—and how it keeps me from biting my lips, a nervous habit for which wearing lipstick is the only true cure, it seems—I’m addicted. I remember when I was working at the restaurant I had, like, one tube of brownish-pink lipstick (my standard color) and was thinking about branching out. This girl I worked with said, “You should buy Drumbeat Red. It looks good on everyone, I swear to you.” So I went and found it (I think it was L’Oreal? Or maybe Cover Girl? I honestly don’t remember, but it was a drugstore brand) went home, and put it on. Nope. Didn’t work for me. I looked like I did when I was seven and sneaking my mom’s lipstick, trying it on in the mirror over her dresser.

(I should add that the girl who recommended it to me, Katherine Whalen, was incredibly dazzling and stylish, still is, and later went on to play banjo and sing for the Squirrel Nut Zippers. She’s so cool she could pull off red lipstick, a hat and stilettos without even breaking a sweat.)

Anyway, maybe now that I’m (cough) over thirty, I should try red lipstick again. Take a chance, see what happens. Maybe I’ve matured more than I think I have. Maybe I HAVE achieved that oomph, somehow, over the last few years. You never know.

Finally, before I go, I just want to say that I’ve been checking out my LiveJournal stats and I am amazed. Since I started this journal about three years ago, I’ve done 821 entries. As of right now, 593 people have me listed as a friend. (Thank you! That’s so nice!) And equally nice is that over the same amount of time, you all have left me 7131 comments. Amazing. I started this thing just for fun, a way to keep up with readers and write stuff that had nothing to do with novels or short stories. It’s turned into something more, now, though. Maybe it’s matured, too? Enough for red lipstick? Could be.

have a great day everyone….