Greetings from North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, where I have managed to go without real Internet access until, um…now. I’m at the public library, updating on a VERY slow computer, so I’ll keep this short. Or try to.

Here’s the truth: I’d forgotten how amazing it is to be at the beach. Like REALLY at the beach, with the waves crashing right outside my window. In the last few days I’ve read, slept, gone surf fishing, eaten entirely too much fried food and watched many episodes of Sex and the City. I’ve also just sat on a rocking chair for endless amounts of time, staring out at the horizon, amazed that anything can be so beautiful as a simple view. This is the first real vacation I’ve had in ages, and I’m so grateful for it. (And grateful to Courtney, who is holding down our fort at home, with all its gastric issues. Oh, God, don’t ask.)

Anyway, a hello to all. I hope you’re having a good week. I’ll leave you with a fun bit of trivia: for those of you who are David Sedaris fans, I’m less than a mile at this very second from where his brother, the Rooster, got married. History is all around me! Gotta love that.

have a great rest of the week everyone!