So I’m back, after a week of vacation. Rested. Relaxed. Tanned. (Okay, not so much, as I’m a total sunscreen freak AND had a skin cancer episode earlier this summer, but I did get a little more brown than I had been. But I’d been dead pale. Call me cautious, I guess.) It was so nice to kick back with friends and just hang out, watch movies and READ. I was also away from computers and voice mail, at least for the most part. When I did check either one, especially my email, I swear I could feel my heartrate quicken, just a bit, my anxiety level (at that point nonexistent) stir suddenly, as if from a deep sleep. I decided, once I was back and wading through my inbox having various palpitations, that I need to take some things from vacation back to my real life and keep them there. Like not being so obsessive about checking for messages of any kind. Things can wait. A little bit. They really can. Or so I am learning.

I also came back to a packed TiVo and a stack of magazines, all of which I am wading through slowly. I was most excited about SNL’s “The Best of Jimmy Fallon” this past Saturday but due to a Nascar race, it was delayed in starting, so I only got the first hour or so. So unfair! Watching it, though, I realized there was a lot of stuff he’d done, especially impressions, that I hadn’t seen. And it was very interesting to see his hair changing on Weekend Update (shaggy to spiky to glam to shaggy again) over the various seasons. Now I can just wait for them to release this Best Of on DVD, along with the Cheri O’Teri one they ran earlier, and I’ll be set. Also on the my DVD wishlist: Saved! which came out last week. Can’t wait to hear that commentary.

Finally, a disclaimer, to the person who brought it up a few entries back: I know, I know, I watch a lot of TV. Always have. I’d blame it on my generation, or the media in general, but it’s just me. It’s how I am. I know it’s not the greatest habit, and that I should be doing more intellectual things, but I like TV, and I long ago decided not to pretend otherwise. If it was all I did, I’d worry more. But I do read books, I promise. (And review them, as well: I tried to link to a piece that was in the Raleigh News and Observer this weekend where I reviewed the new Shopaholic and Jennifer Weiner’s Little Earthquakes, but you have to register now..so I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. They were both really good, by the way.)

The point is, like everything else, intellectual stimulation is a balance. Right now, for me, it’s a little chick lit, a little Starting Over, a few crossword puzzles, maybe starting a new novel? Tomorrow, it could be something totally different. You just never know.

Have a good day everyone!