See, I KNEW I had so much in common with Britney Spears. What do I want to do when I’m stressed out and need a break? Watch Sex and the City DVDs and Mandy Moore movies. And what does she want to do? The same thing! I mean, really: you know you’re a big star when the fact that you’re taking time off makes CNN headlines. Honestly. But let’s just give Mandy her props for getting mentioned in the most hyped press release ever. (Or, this week.) I hope Britney likes Saved. I sure did.

Meanwhile, continuing in this incredibly lowbrow vein, I have discovered probably the most disturbing and yet completely compelling website I’ve seen in a while: Here’s the irony: it’s a site that is about bad surgery jobs, yet at the very top, the first thing you see under the title, is a set of links to plastic surgeons and cheap surgery. (And those last two words, together, should make you shudder. They just should!)

It’s kind of eerie how prevalent cosmetic surgery has become these days. I mean, it used to be people did it, but it wasn’t something you talked about. Now, with The Swan and Extreme Makeover and all those other shows, it’s everywhere. Which is kind of disturbing. I was watching the Today show last week and they did an entire show on the rise in teens getting surgery, and the risks in operating on people who haven’t totally stopped growing or developing. You have to admit, it’s a brand new world. But the creepy thing to me, about all those shows, and the work so many people are getting done, is that there’s like this “ideal” nose and cheeks and lips and eyes, and everyone wants them. But if you look at the people on, say, The Swan, it seems like the final result, after all the surgery, is that they all look..alike. Same kind of nose, eyes, etc. It’s a bit creepy, really. Is that perfection, now? Uniformity? God, I hope not.

Okay, so this subject is upsetting me. I need to step back. Calm down. And maybe chill. People: it’s my prerogative. (I sense a comeback of this expression. I really do!)

have a good day everyone!