Oh, my goodness. Did you know that the first season of The O.C. is coming out on video next week? Neither did I. This is a new wave of marketing, isn’t it? Before the second season even begins you can not only have seen the first, but owned it and watched it REPEATEDLY. I have to admit, though, it’s tempting. I came in about a third of the way through the season last year—I tried to watch a couple of times earlier on, but Ryan just bugged me so much—so I missed How It All Began. I don’t know if I want to buy it, but maybe borrow it from someone. Hmmmm. What I’m really waiting for is the final episodes of Sex and The City on DVD. When do we get that? Anybody know?

In other news, an exciting day for me today: I’m going to vote. We have early voting here in three locations in our county. (Orange County, NC. The O.C.! Or the O.C.N.C.! Doesn’t have the same ring, or wealth, I guess.) If you’re reading this, you’re an Orange County resident and you’re registered, you can vote until Oct. 30th, I believe, at Morehead Planetarium on campus, Carrboro Town Hall, and the Board of Elections office in Hillsborough. MANY states are doing early voting, so if you’re interested, call up your own local board of elections and see if it’s an option for you. And so ends my public service announcement, here from the O.C.N.C. (Personally, I think that acronym is just screaming to be put on a T-shirt. But that might just be me.)

Finally, I had a moment of shock yesterday when I checked my Friend Of list and saw that it now tops 600 people. Wow. That’s a lot of folks reading this. In fact, if I allow myself to think about it, I get a little…oh, yes, nervous. Yikes! I’m glad people are interested, and apologize for the occasional lame entry and focusing, as I have this week, entirely too much on television. (Speaking of which, in the interest of equal time, a book update: I just finished Admissions , which was entertaining, but I think you might have to be a parent in Manhattan to really understand fully, and I’m about to start Sammy’s Hill, appropriate so close to the election, I guess.) At any rate, I’m grateful anyone finds anything I have to say even remotely interesting. And I’m very curious as to who all of you are, and what you’re about. So if you want to, you know, tell me, that would be great. Or not. Let’s say it together: no pressure.

Have a good day everyone!