So I am still trying to recover from one of the longest Thursdays EVER yesterday. It just may take me all weekend.

Got up. Went to campus. Met with Jenny, my independent study student, where we discussed her latest story AND chick lit AND various other non-writing related topics (pretty normal for us). Went to class, where my students did their first full on workshopping of one of their own stories, and did so very well, I might add. Left class, bought a burrito, and walked over to listen to Southern Culture on the Skids, revered Chapel Hill band, which was playing a rare lunchtime concert on campus. (The only rock show I’ll see this year, most likely, since I go to bed most nights when things are just getting started, 10:30 or so.) Walked to car, got in, drove about an hour and thirty minutes to Wilson, NC, to Barton College, where I met with a YA Lit class. Then had dinner with students and faculty. Then gave a talk and signed books. Then drove back home, where I had just enough energy to take a shower and crawl into bed.

Remember summer, when a whole day could just consist of reading and sleeping? Those days are over. Over!

But now it’s Friday, and I’m feeling a bit more rested and cheered. I want to thank everyone at Barton who came out last night, especially Keith from Greenville, who was sitting next to me as we were waiting for the talk to begin. He was telling me about how he had to commute, and he was tired and had a headache, and had just fallen asleep in the library and been rudely awakened. He had to take notes on my talk—all the students were taking notes—which made me feel great pressure to say something noteworthy. I hope I succeeded. But thanks to everyone who came out, to Jennifer who works at the movie theatre, and to Jill from Chapel Hill who showed up with all of my books in hardcover, and also survived Chapel Hill High School.

Today, I have errands to run, and something very fun to look forward to this afternoon: Renee, Colin and Hugh on Oprah at 4pm. Yes! And doesn’t Renee look so cute as a brunette? I am LOVING that. The movie comes out November 19th, not so far off now. Maybe this fall won’t be all work and craziness after all. At least we have Bridget to look forward to.

have a good day everyone!