Here’s my question: can you really go crazy from lack of sunlight? Or just get really depressed? Because I think I’m on the verge, no joke. It’s been, like, a week since the sun was really out. I saw a little bit of blue sky on Saturday, with about an hour of half-sun, but that’s it. Now, AGAIN, it’s gray and still and oh my goodness, I think I’m having a vitamin D freakout. I have a hard enough time when the days start getting shorter, but at least in October you should be able to count on some of those bright, crisp days to carry through. Apparently not this year.


Anyway. Last night I watched the Saturday Night Live I Tivoed, since I’m so lame I can never stay up to watch it as it’s actually happening. (Even worse, on Saturday night, I was in bed by ten. Ten! And my neighbors were having a bonfire, tons of people out in their yard, and I was sure they could probably all see me sitting in bed reading like a big nerd on a weekend night. So pathetic.) Anyway, I hadn’t heard about the whole Ashlee Simpson thing, so I was left staring at the TV when she just walked offstage, then offered up whatever that was at the end of the show (apology? explanation? spin?). Who knows? The bigger question is whether it’s actually surprising to anyone that she was lipsynching, I mean, come on. This has been going on for ages with certain artists. If you want real, live music, go down to your local club. But on TV, especially for pop starlets, this has got to be the norm. Although I think blaming her band was kind of lame, to be honest. But maybe that’s just me.

In other news, I saw that The Grudge was the top movie of the weekend. I’m sorry: that looked WAY too scary for me. Even in the week before Halloween. Frankly, I can’t handle scary movies. I feel about them kind of the way I do about hot food, or wasabi: it’s just going to make me uncomfortable, and why do I want that? Personally, the scariest movie I’ve ever seen, still, is The Shining, which freaked me out so bad that when forced to watch it again, years later, I would only do so during the daytime. I know it’s that time of year, all about goblins and ghosts and such, but personally, I’ll just keep Halloween about the candy, thank you very much. And the costumes. I’m not dressing up this year—-my days of going down to Franklin Street with seventy thousand other people are behind me, I think—but if I WAS, I’d go as Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I have the brightest, orangest sweatshirt from the Gap. It would be perfect: get a blue wig, black pants, boots…ideal. How sad is that? The one year I have a good costume idea and I probably STILL won’t go out.

Man, I sound like such a grumpy old woman today. I swear it’s the lack of sunlight. Thank goodness I’m buying Halloween candy today. Not a moment too soon!

have a good day everyone!