Late entry today, due to the fact that all morning a very nice man named Patrick has been here in my office, replacing my computer. I have a fancy new one now, with a flat screen AND DVD player. Impressive. Too bad I’m not really here enough to enjoy it. But it is really nice. I feel so high tech. And that, I can tell you, is rare.

I was having the most erratic, clumsy morning. In fact, I still kind of am. On my way up to my office, I walked into a door (after not turning the knob all the way) then, later, stumbled over a threshold, propelling myself out into a hallway (in full view of some man standing there, who looked at me, startled). I keep dropping things, I think I twice said stuff in class today that made NO sense (although my students must be used to that by now) and I just feel totally disjointed. Plus, I’m wearing two dollar lipstick because my favorite Stila one broke last week, after I’d only had it a week. And the previous one did the same thing. If you can’t count on lipstick to be consistent, what CAN you count on? Oh, don’t even answer that.

Personally, I think this all has to do with this upcoming eclipse tomorrow. I know I haven’t been sleeping well, and everyone I talk to says they, too, feel out of sorts. (Although I might be alone in the lipstick thing.) Still, I got a bit of a reality check from Patrick the computer man. He showed me this huge wound on his hand and said, very offandedly, “I don’t know if you noticed, but I poured boiling water on my hand last week.” I said, “Oh, my God! How horrible! That must have really hurt.” He looked down at it, in a contemplative sort of way, and said, “Well, not as much as you’d think, actually.” Which gave me pause, considering how I’d been complaining all morning. Maybe it is all relative. Maybe, that’s the point. Or maybe not. I can’t think about it now, anyway. I’m going to eat lunch.

have a good day everyone!