Quick entry today, as I’m running out to do some long overdue errands, like getting my oil changed and FINALLY catching up with my mother, who I haven’t hung out with in ages.

Before I go, though, a few things. First, for those of you at work or school and wherever and in need of a nice procrastination tool, I give you IFilm. Yesterday, I wasted entirely too much time when I should have been cooking dinner watching various clips …it’s dangerous, I tell you. How did we ever procrastinate before the internet? I can’t even remember.

In other news, pretty soon Nanowrimo begins. Or, as I like to call it, the one month a year when you can be absolutely, positively sure that you aren’t the only person you know who is agonizing over writing a novel. (The other eleven, well, you just never know.) I have always been incredibly curious about Nanowrimo and the process behind it, but as I also always seem to be just starting something of my own, or in the midst of something, and doing 50,000 words in one month would most likely kill it and me, I haven’t taken the plunge. This year, sadly, is no exception. But I love the vicarious thrill of hearing about others and their attempts. So if you’re planning to do it—Ben? Ryan? Anyone?—please keep me posted. I want to know how it goes!

Really I think the reason that I haven’t tried Nanowrimo is that I put enough pressure on myself (it’s legendary, you can’t imagine) without a word count and a compressed time frame. I think I’d self destruct. It’s always so weird to me when I finish, and then go through editing, and copyediting, and galleys, and all that, and then there’s a book in my hands that started with me sitting in this very chair, chewing my fingernails and wondering if I can really, actually, do this again. It’s crazy. Even crazier is looking back over the books I have written and still not feeling all that confident. I think it’s a way of psyching myself out. Or something. I don’t understand my process at all, and maybe that’s how it should be, even if it seems a little odd. You know what’s even odder? When someone else seems to be able to do so. In December, we’ll have this book, by the lovely Wendy Glenn. Should be interesting. Maybe even I’ll start to understand how I actually do this? Hmmm.

have a good day everyone!