Today, on my way into campus, I saw a chipmunk. I know this is not revoluntionary, necessarily, but it IS interesting, and I’ll tell you why. (You knew I would, right?) Because while I see chipmunks here on campus all the time, I have NEVER seen a chipmunk anywhere else in Chapel Hill. Not at my parents’ house. Not at mine, which, as I’ve said many times before, is RIFE with all kinds of wildlife. Nowhere. For some reason, the chipmunks only stay on campus, and go no further. Maybe they’re academic elitists? Or just serious homebodies? You just really have to wonder.

I’m wondering about a lot of stuff today, for some reason. Like when, exactly, did it become fashionable for men to wear completely contrasting patterns? I’ve been aware of this for awhile, especially on the news shows, but last night Peter Jennings was an explosion of sartorial contrast. He had on a checked sort of shirt, a pinstripe suit, with another pattern on his tie. I was about to have an aneurysm just looking at him. I know I’m not a fashonista by any means of the word, so maybe this is really okay now and I’m just out of it. We, however, used to call it dressing in the dark. And I’m sure Peter Jennings doesn’t do that. Does he?

(I also saw another interesting fashion statement on my way in today: a guy in Birkenstocks and shorts, topped off with and oxford and a TIE. It was like one of those flip books, where you’re supposed to match the top to the bottom, and he just…hadn’t? Oh, god, what do I know. I have a coffee stain on my shirt, I have no room to talk.)

Finally, something a few of YOU have been wondering about: whether I’m working on a new book. The truth is…I can’t say. I’m just really superstitious about talking about my writing, if I am indeed doing it (which I might not be!) a habit I picked up after so many writing workshops of having to share EVERYTHING while it was still in progress. Now I see time I spend writing on a book as this big, wonderful secret I get to keep, at least for a little while, so I’m quiet about it. But when I do have something done, whenever that is, I promise to let you all know first. Okay? Okay.

Have a good day everyone! (especially you Red Sox fans, like you aren’t already!)