Just a friendly reminder!

Don’t you LOVE that? The other day I bought a Tshirt by this same company, as well as a couple of buttons, one of which I gave to my mother, the original activist. (Who taught me everything I know about rallying for a cause.) I got the image from Crybaby Ranch which has all that merchandise and more. So check it out, if you’re interested.

Well, it’s Friday, the eve of a BIG weekend. Homecoming at UNC, followed on Sunday night by Halloween, which has become the biggest party of the year (which, for here, is really saying something). For those of you who don’t know, Halloween was always a party on Franklin Street, the main drag that borders the campus, but in the last few years it’s gotten huge. Last year, there were about seventy thousand people. The town tried to fight it for a long time, dissauding people from coming, making parking next to impossible, etc, but now they’ve sort of adopted an oh, well kind of attitude. Now they run shuttlebuses and just hope for the best. Yesterday, I told my students to just BE CAREFUL and of course they all looked at me like I was acting like their mother. Which I guess I was.

As for me, I’m going to be the at North Carolina Writer’s Network Fall Conference tomorrow, doing a program with the fabulous Daniel Wallace. Our talk is about our “Adventures in Adaptation,” him with Big Fish, me with How to Deal. I’m still trying to figure out how, exactly, I’m going to come off not looking like a moron. I mean, I love How to Deal, it’s totally cute, but it’s no Tim Burton movie. Please! I think I’m going to just focus on how an original scene from the book ended up on the screen: I’m leaning towards the Jedi Mind trick part from Someone Like You. But we’ll see. Anyway, it should be a good time, at any rate.

Finally, before I head off to do my own Halloween ritual of going to the harvest festival my little cousins’ preschool does every year (cakewalk! cookies! costumes!) I’ll leave you with this inspirational story. Which made me think two things: one, dogs are amazing. And two, how come this dog can do this, I can’t even get mine come when I call them? Hmmmm. Have to work on that.

have a good day everyone!