Good morning.

So happy day-after-Halloween. I am pretty much ashamed to admit that I did NOTHING for Halloween, nothing at all. Unless eating a mini Kit-Kat counts, but I probably would have done that anyway. Apparently, 80,000 people were in downtown Chapel Hill. Yikes. We had quite a weekend here, with beating Miami with a last minute field goal, storming the field and taking down goalposts, followed by Halloween less than twenty-four hours later. I am so glad I do not teach on Mondays. I bet my class would be EMPTY. Except for folks like me, who only ate candy and went to bed early. Sigh.

Meanwhile, it’s November. How did THAT happen? Time always seems to go faster in the fall, I swear. November first also means the beginning of Nanowrimo. Fifty thousand words in thirty days, people. That’s, like, two hundred pages, right? Or something like that? I know the idea is that it’s not supposed to be good, just finished, but a word of caution: I’ve written more than one novel working under that sort of assumption, and it doesn’t really end well. I think Nanowrimo sounds great for getting you started, and especially getting you disciplined which, let’s face it, is really the hardest part of writing much of the time. But if you get to Nov. 30th and you’re not done, technically, but what you have is GOOD, then I hope that’s considered an accomplishment as well. Every novel takes its own time, and often it’s just not up to you. This Lullaby took me three and a half months, and it was like riding a comet, that quick and so fun. The Truth About Forever took six months and was so hard it almost killed me. So you just never know. The main thing is to remember NOT to get discouraged, even though you will, and to keep coming back, even after those discouraging days, because every once in a while something great will happen, you’ll have some amazing, ten-page day that turns everything around, and you don’t want to miss that, do you?

Of course not.

This weekend, besides doing the Writer’s Network event (which went very well) and going to various festivities, I caught up on some TV watching. I’m especially intrigued/perplexed by Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, on (what else?) MTV. This is a reality show, right? But it just seems so staged, with all the camera angles and the sound, it’s just so polished…I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on it, but something is odd. And I just have to say, when I was a senior in high school, there is no WAY my parents would have allowed me to go off to Mexico and stay in a hotel with friends. And drink! A lot! Oh, my goodness. Of course, these are the same parents that told their daughter on an earlier show that yes, it was okay to slack off a bit her senior year, getting a C was just fine if not expected, but an F was not. And she was just so shocked and annoyed, like they were so unreasonable. I should be able to fail! I’m going to college next year! There was actually a guy in Greensboro who was in the news last year because once he got in to UNC, he proceeded to fail a bunch of classes his senior year and they told him they were rescinding his acceptance because of it. Big brouhaha, lawsuit, all that. I understand senior slackness, but come on. And the boy on that show, Stephen? Oh, I just don’t even know what to say. It’s like a world I can’t even begin to relate to. So why do I watch? I have no idea. I guess you get what you deserve. And what do I know, anyway? I’m just an old lady who sits home Halloween eating candy.

But whatever. It’s a gorgeous day, leaves are falling, and it’s going to be eighty something degrees. Tomorrow is a big day, so maybe today I’ll just try to have a smaller one. Or something.

have a good day everyone!