thank you.

Okay, since I’ve bombarded you with election pressure and reminders for awhile now, I think I’ll leave my commentary at the above and write about something else entirely. Like…Led Zeppelin. (Aha! Weren’t expecting that, were you?) Yesterday, I went to Best Buy to purchase a bunch of stuff I really needed (new camera battery, wireless internet card) and look at things I don’t need at all (The O.C. Box Set, so tempting!) Anyway, I was walking through the music section when I remembered that I’ve really been wanting to buy a Led Zeppelin CD, mostly because I heard one of my very favorite songs by the them on the radio the other day (“Misty Mountain Hop,” in case you were wondering) and realized later they have no Zeppelin on ITunes, which is where I buy the majority of my music these days. Anyway, so I find this Best Of CD and I’m standing there looking at it when a Best Buy guy comes up to me. “Hi, finding everything you need?” he asks (and where, I want to know, are these people when you’re in the computer department, wondering if the wireless card you’re buying is actually going to work on your laptop? Nowhere. But I digress.) I said yes, I was fine, and he glanced at the LZ disc I’m holding. “Big Led Zeppelin fan?” he asks.

I thought for a second. I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan, but I spent a lot of time in high school listening to Classic Rock radio stations, and I do like a lot of the songs, some purely for what they are, others for nostalgia’s sake. I said, “Well, not exactly,” because this was easier than actually explaining. He said, “Oh, man, Stairway to Heaven is GREAT. That guitar solo? Amazing. You know that song?” Well, yes, I do. Doesn’t everybody? But the look on his face, as he said this, was so entirely joyful, that I witheld this comment and just let him have his moment, right here in the aisle at Best Buy. It’s amazing how music can give you something in common, even fleetingly, with people you never might otherwise. And I love the CD. I listened to it all the way here today, which was kind of dangerous, because whenever I hear LZ in the morning I have this weird urge to skip school and drive around doing nothing all day. Wonder where that came from?

In other news, for those who asked, yes, that picture in the icon is my dog. His name is Monkey, and he’s almost three. Keep your eyes open for a Scout icon as well. We’re all about even stevens in our house, because fair is fair. That’s another good theme to keep in mind today, right? Fair is fair, and….insert your fave Led Zeppelin quote here? How about “And now the time, the time is now?” Might work.

have a good day everyone!