So the O.C. finally begins tonight, and guess what? I won’t be watching it. Instead, I’ll be up in Massachusetts, visiting my brother and sister in law and my adorable nephew, and they don’t have a television.

(I will pause for all of you who just gasped out loud at the thought of MY only sibling not having a TV. Shocking, isn’t it? I know. What can I say, we’re not twins. Clearly.)

I have made my husband double-triple-pinky-swear he will allow the Tivo to record the season premiere, and not switch over instead to Overhaulin’ or Rides or American Chopper or one of those car shows he loves (he is such a boy, I swear. Although I have kind of hooked him into Starting Over, although he’d never admit it.) So if something exciting happens, don’t tell me! I won’t get to watch it until Sunday. Instead, I will be spending quality nephew time, reading, sleeping, seeing many of my lovely cousins, and generally taking a short but sweet break. Very nice.

So no updates for a couple of days, most likely. I was thinking about this as I came in this morning, all the journals I read. I don’t have a whole lot of people on my Friends page, mostly just the people I had when I first began this journal, the cousins who introduced me to Livejournal in the first place, as well as a couple of other friends. But I do read a lot of journals on a regular basis. As far as fellow YA writers go, I really like zeisgeistLara M. Zeises and zoe_trope. I also read Jennifer Weiner’s blog fairly often, and I’ve recently been turned onto Dan Renzi’s site (who you’ll remember from the Real World Miami, if you watched that at all.) Who do you read?

There are so many good blogs and journals out there: it’s amazing I get any work done at all. Other people’s lives are so interesting, much more so than my own. Remember when keeping a journal was supposed to be private? Ah, the internet. Changes everything.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Have a good day everyone!