Here’s what I don’t understand. Is there some sort of official date, known only to advertisers, when they start promotions about Christmas? If so, I think it was yesterday. Sunday, I saw no commercials featuring anything having to do with the holidays. Yesterday: three. Today: four and counting.

People: it’s only November 9th!

I’ll admit I’ve never been one of those people who gets really crazy over the holidays. I mean, I like to see my family—and you know I like to shop—but as I’m not one of those folks who really LIVES to wear a candy cane pin and keeps their tree up into February. I guess if you are like that, you really want to start celebrating your holiday as soon as possible. There’s a radio station here that plays all Christmas music twenty-four hours a day during the holiday season. They used to start just after Thanksgiving. Then they pushed it back earlier. And earlier. They said that the listeners really wanted it to start as soon as possible, that they loved it that much. Wow. How many times do YOU need to hear “The Little Drummer Boy,” between November and January? Me personally: once or twice. But maybe I’m in the minority. Who knows.

Finally, I want to say thank you, again, to everyone who reads this journal, as I had a lot of particularly nice comments yesterday. I’d especially like to thank the person who suggested the solution (bay leaves!) to my moth problem in my pantry. Again, you prove yourselves to be not only good people but also all-knowing. In fact, you probably knew we were celebrating Christmas already. Didn’t you?

have a good day everyone!