So did YOU have a big day yesterday?

I swear, it seemed like yesterday was a day of big news and big happenings. Everywhere I turned, people had important things to tell me, or serious changes going on. Maybe it was something in the air? Or the stars? Examples: one of my friends told me she was pregnant. Another went into labor. (I think. I haven’t heard exactly what happened, yet, still waiting for news.) I had a big day at work. On so many of the journals I read, things were happening: people breaking up, or just feeling totally out of sorts. You have to wonder, on days like that, how interconnected we all really are. I mean, at some level, it’s no coincidence. Right?

(Oh, I think I just creeped myself out. Moving on!)

Speaking on interconnected-ness (not a word, but whatever) I was impressed by how many people wrote in yesterday about my remarks concerning the early (or so it seems) marketing of Christmas. It’s not just on TV, apparently. Last night, I sat down and flipped through a special People Magazine that arrived while I was gone that was all about celebrities and how they celebrate the holidays. (I subscribe to People. I know, I know. I also subscribe to US Weekly. I know. I KNOW!) Anyway, they have all these famous folks cooking with their families and then, as I turn the page, who do I find? Raleigh’s own Clay Aiken. (That’s what we have to call him here, it’s like a law or something.) He’s in the kitchen with his mother, and there’s a recipe provided for some no-bake cookies that are a tradition with the two of them. But in the story itself, they mention another thing she always makes for the holidays: Sausage Balls, consisting of bisquick, sausage, and shredded cheddar cheese. They are, the story says, a Southern tradition. And I can vouch for this. Because my husband’s grandmother makes the BEST sausage balls ever. Which means that we and Clay Aiken are, you guessed it, interconnected. Aha!

As long as I’ve known him, my husband has gotten sausage balls from his grandmother as one of his birthday gifts every year: his birthday falls near Thanksgiving, so she usually makes him his own batch and then the rest of us get some as well. He sometimes gets them for Christmas, too. All of our friends know about these sausage balls; his old roomates would be anticipating them, waiting for them, when he came home from family gatherings. Put a few on a paper towel, nuke them in the microwave for thirty seconds….wonderful. A couple of years back, I asked his grandmother for the recipe, and she gave it to me. But when I made them, they were good, but not AS good. I think she was holding out on me a little bit, not that I can blame her. Maybe Clay’s mom does the same thing? Hmmm.

Finally, if you had any doubt that yesterday was a big day, there was this story. A pill that helps you lose weight, quit smoking, lowers your heart disease risk AND can help with diabetes? Are you kidding me?

All of this—big day, sausage balls and Clay Aiken, wonder pills—too overwhelming. Especially for 9:06 am. Who knows what kind of day THIS will be?

have a good one everybody!