When I was a kid, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was one of my very favorite movies. In fact, I still love it so much, especially the end, when Wonka reminds Charlie about what happened to the boy who got everything he wanted: “He lived happily ever after.” This, of course, goes against my natural tendency to expect, when things are just Too Good, that something bad is just around the corner, as this is the way the universe evens things out. The point is, the movie is important, AND a classic, which meant I was kind of nervous when I heard they were remaking it. (Aren’t they remaking EVERYTHING these days?) I’ll withold judgement until I see the movie, but I did find this picture of Johnny Depp as Wonka, and I’m somewhat intrigued. Although Gene Wilder will always be Willy to me.

Anyway. It’s Thursday, the week is winding down. Last night, my favorite contestant, Toccara, the only plus-sized girl, got cut from America’s Next Top Model, which was really discouraging. They said it was because she just wasn’t showing she really WANTED it, but personally, I can’t really blame her, as it seemed like they spent the last couple of weeks crushing her spririt. (And that does make you kind of down, right?) I hope she goes on and is really successful doing things her OWN way. Now I don’t know who to pull for. Maybe Norelle, because she’s just so clumsy and that’s endearing? Or Nicole, who they still have shown absolutely NOTHING about, and therefore she probably wins? Oh, who knows. Who cares? I do. That’s the sick thing. I do.

Speaking of things I care about but shouldn’t, I broke down at the Wal-Mart yesterday (not literally, of course) and bought the O.C. Season One on DVD. This was pretty much a way of accepting the inevitable, which is that I now am officially hooked on this show, and since I missed most of the first season, I have to go back and See How it All Began. Really, though, all I care about is Seth. The rest is just gravy.

As penance for all this TV talk, I’ll tell you what I’ve been reading. Last week, in Massachusetts, I read the memoir Sickened , by Julie Gregory, which was really compelling (and at times, disturbing) and I’m still working my way through Ellen Gilchrist’s collected stories, which are so good that sometimes I just have to put the book down and exhale really, really loudly in appreciation. Gotta love that.

Finally, a few responses to recent comments. First, to Eileen, who posts here all the time: Congratulations! And second, to the person who admired my icon, I thank you. And so does Scout, who is eleven and the best girl dog in the world.

have a good day everyone!