Ah, Friday. The start of a very busy weekend, so busy for me, for various reasons, that I don’t think I’ll even get to the movies. Which stinks, really, because the only movie I’ve been waiting for FOREVER (Bridget! Bridget!) opens today. I think I may have to sneak off for a matinee on Monday. I am way overdue for both a Bridget fix and popcorn.

Speaking of movies, the other biggie this weekend is The Polar Express. I have been hearing/reading about this movie EVERYWHERE. Now, normally, I’m not much for newer holiday movies (Elf being the true exception: I can’t wait for that to come out on DVD, must be soon, right?) but I am rooting for this one (like it needs my help) because one of the producers, William Teitler, also was the guy who basically got How to Deal made, who kept lobbying and working for it for so many years. He’s a great guy and I remember, when I was on the set in Toronto, he was telling me the entire Polar Express story (I hadn’t read the book) and he had me totally entranced just by DESCRIBING the movie. So, very exciting.

Also, I just want to say hello to Kelly from Wilmington, and her family (her mom’s a librarian! I love librarians!) who I met completely by accident at the Carolina Coffee Shop yesterday. There I was, sitting with the chairman on my department, and up comes a man holding a copy of The Truth About Forever. Turns out they’d come to take a campus tour, but were also hoping to find me to get their book signed, and there I just happened to be, in the booth across the aisle. Such a Chapel Hill moment, I swear. Anyway, that was very nice, so Kelly, I hope you guys had a good day at UNC.

Finally, to the person who is doing the report on me and wanted to know what some of my favorite treats are (what a good question for a Friday!): I just asked my husband, and he thought for a second and said, “Um. Cheese?” Followed up by the answer I was going to say, chocolate. In fact, when I’m writing, I have to have at least one Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds Nugget, or I’m convinced I won’t be able to get down one word. Is this really true? Probably not. But while I was writing The Truth About Forever, I probably put on a few pounds of Nugget weight. Worth every bite!

have a good day everyone!