So we’ve reached that point in the semester that can be described thusly: fatigue. Everyone I have seen so far today is dragging around, with long, exhausted faces, as if just the act of walking is almost too much to bear. I can relate. There’s something about this week, right before Thanksgiving, when you can actually SEE the end of the semester looming (which is good) but then you realize how much you actually have to get done before getting there (which is really bad). I myself had a mini-breakdown last night about how many events and things I am facing in the next few weeks, but really it was triggered by going to the mall yesterday and seeing all the Christmas stuff up. Christmas shopping. When, I asked myself, as I walked through the aisles, heart racing, am I going to have time to do THAT?

Say it with me: Breathe. It’s all going to get done. (Really.)

I’ve decided I want to reclaim Thanksgiving, and that is my reason for not doing ANY other holiday planning or shopping until after I get my fill of turkey and potatoes and pie. Yes, we live in a sped-up world, and yes, it’s my nature to always be planning ahead, starting something new before I even FINISH the thing I’m currently working on, but I am determined to make a change this year. In fact, I’m not taking part in anything Christmas related until Friday of next week, because—-

Oh. Wait. I just realized that Elf comes out on DVD today. Which, well, sort of changes everything. I mean, I LOVE this movie. It’s one of the only ones I saw last year that made me laugh out loud, not once, but multiple times. Maybe holiday movies don’t count as taking part of blatant manipulative consumerism?

I’ve decided, in fact, that they don’t. So there.

Finally, I just want to thank you for all the great comments yesterday about the marathon. I relayed your congrats to my husband and he was much appreciative. I have to say, seeing all those people take on something so difficult, and keep at it, has reallly inspired me. It’s like I said in the piece I wrote about my nav system: Life’s meant to be complicated, so you know you’re really living it. And some things you do are supposed to be hard. Otherwise, everyone would be doing them. Right?


Have a good day everyone!