I’ve always been a little perplexed with People magazine choosing The Sexiest Man Alive. I mean, do you really need the alive part? Are there people that would wonder whether dead men or zombies were considered? I don’t know, it just seems odd. Although I do have to agree, Jude Law is sa-woonworthy, I’ve thought so ever since The Talented Mr. Ripley. But he really had me when he did some impromptu breakdancing on Oprah a few weeks back. Gorgeous, British, self-effacing and can spin on his head? Sign me up. Oh, oops, I’m married. Oh, well.

Meanwhile, speaking of men I love, another one is hitting theatres this weekend: Spongebob Squarepants . Sigh. I just love that show. (Patrick is really my favorite character, if I’m to be totally honest. I loved when he and Spongebob were using their imagination) I like the show so much, in fact, that I’m kind of nervous about seeing the movie, in case it’s just not as good. But hopefully, it will be, and I’ll be able to get there. I haven’t seen ANYTHING lately. Isn’t that sad, when you can’t even remember the last movie you saw in the theatre? (Seriously. I can’t!) I want to see Bridget, of course, and Spongebob, and I hear The Incredibles is great. I think I may just have to carve out a day and do a movie marathon, a triple feature, or something. Might be the only way.

And now, it’s the weekend. My husband’s birthday is on Sunday, but I’m a believer in dragging out birthdays (and not just my own) so we’ll be celebrating for the next few days. In fact, I’m about to go downstairs and make cupcakes. You can’t ask for a better way to start a Friday than cupcakes, right? Right. Bring on the holidays! Relatives! Things to do and not enough time to do them! Enough sugar, and I can handle anything. At least, that’s my plan.

have a good day everyone!