I’m writing this via a dial-up connection, which is just so odd to me. And slow. Man! Here’s what happened: I have my DSL line through AOL (and you know how I feel about AOL) and they emailed the other day to tell me they were going to terminate my DSL service as of some date in January. Apparently, it’s just not their thing anymore. Or something. They had some deal set up with Bellsouth that I could get on, but since I already feel entirely too bound to AOL, I decided to call Bellsouth myself. Turns out since we already have service with them, I can get a pretty good deal, so I went ahead and signed up.

I guess I just figured that I’d be able to keep my AOL DSL working until I got the new one hooked up. (Silly me!) Instead, I came up here today, and modem no workey. (To put it in technical terms.) Hence, the dial-up.

It’s kind of a pain in the butt. On the flip side, though, think how productive I’ll be without the distraction of an easy internet connection. Who knows what I’ll accomplish? It’s really mind boggling to think about.

Meanwhile, we had a nice peaceful weekend here, full of merriment and birthday fun. Plus, yesterday, I went to my first movie in ages, the new Bridget Jones. Gotta be honest: I was disappointed. I mean, I’m sure my expectations were a bit too high, since I loved loved loved the first one so much, but this just wasn’t a very good movie. It was flat and relied too much on the stuff from the first one, so the whole thing felt very deja vu. Plus, in the original we loved Bridget, and she felt real: here, we were just supposed to laugh at her as she got stuck in all these stupid situations. Not good.

In other movie news, can you believe that National Treasure, which looked more like a parody you’d see on the Daily Show or SNL than an actual real film, was number one at the box office? I hardly heard anything about this movie, other than seeing a couple of commercials, but it just looked ridiculous to me. What is Nicolas Cage DOING? Please, please, less movies like this, more like Adaptation. Okay? Okay.

Oh, I think I’m kind of ranting. Maybe it’s the dial up. Who knows? Hopefully, I’ll be back to high speed soon. In the meantime, I’m going to be oh so productive. Read books! Watch quality TV (i.e. Nova, not The Biggest Loser). Stare out a window, contemplating the world and my place in it. Yes. Sounds good.

(oh, please let my new modem come soon! please!)

have a good day everyone!