It’s really nothing all that special to love Oprah. I mean, doesn’t everyone? She’s incredibly inspiring, does tons for charity, and is a self-made woman. Plus, she loves books, reading and authors. What’s not to like?

But yesterday, I found yet another reason to always pick her when asked that ages old what-three-celebrities-would-you-have-dinner-with-if-you-could question (the other two vary, depending on when I’m asked: right now, I’d say Sarah Jessica Parker and Judy Blume.) Many of you might know that every year, Oprah does her Favorite Things show, where she lists all the stuff she really loves for the upcoming holiday season. It’s the show EVERYONE wants to get to go to, because not only do you get to see all these great gifts, you also GET them: Oprah gives all the stuff to each audience member. I’m talking thousands of dollars worth of stuff. People go crazy when they realize this is the show they’re on, they hyperventilate and jump up and down. (SNL did a great parody of it last year, with women going into complete psychotic meltdown. Not that far from what really happens, actually.)

Anyway, so yesterday I tune in just to see what’s being given away this year, and there’s a twist: the entire audience is made up of teachers. Because Oprah loves teachers. And if she’s going to be giving away so much stuff, why not to those who are, as she said, overworked and underpaid? It was just so cool. The teachers went crazy, of course. There were tears, and what looked like some hyperventilating. I only got to watch the very beginning, but by the time I had to tune out, they’d already gotten Burberry (am I spelling that right?) coats and cashmere scarves, a lipstick collection, and a flat screen TV. And that was only about fifteen minutes in. So cool.

Meanwhile, the holiday approaches. Normally, this is the time of year that I am being very careful about what I eat, leaning towards salads and walking extra on the treadmill, working up to really chowing down on Thursday. But on Saturday, we brought in Bullock’s barbecue for my husband’s birthday and had some folks over to enjoy it with us. We had food left over. LOTS of food. So much so that I have eaten fried chicken, barbecue, cole slaw, mac and cheese and potato salad for every meal (except breakfast) since Saturday night. Oh, my God. This is not good, people! It’s also not the time to try and cut back, not with turkey day looming. I think I’ll just have to power through and then really pay the price next week. Oh, well. There are worse problems to have than too much food, right? Exactly.

Have a good day everyone!