Cady Heron

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Forgive me, could not resist. I heart that movie.

So it’s the busiest travel day of the year. Are YOU traveling today? If you are, I wish you freeways clear of traffic jams, short security lines, and no turbulence. Also, other travelers in good moods, and planes that arrive on time. We can dream, can’t we?

Last night my husband and I went to pick up my nephew and brother at the airport. On the way there, traffic was horrible, totally backed up. Plus it was pouring down rain, awful. Because of security, we have this whole system we use when getting people at the airport: it’s like a covert operation. He drops me off, I go in and wait past the security line. He drives to a nearby store and kills time buying a Coke—otherwise you have to just circle the airport road over and over again, which wastes gas and is a total pain—and when I spot the people we’re picking up, I call him and he heads back, hopefully timing it just right for when we come out of baggage claim. Last night, it worked perfectly. Plus, I got that great moment when my nephew (he’s four) saw me and ran towards me, throwing his arms around me. So cute. I felt like I was in the beginning (or end) of Love, Actually. In fact, I wish that for you traveling today too, that sort of reuniting moment. Very sweet.

As for me, I’m not going anywhere, which is very nice. Sometimes it can be complicated having all of your combined families within close driving distance, but it makes the holidays much easier, at least as far as traveling goes. We plan to just eat, drink, sleep and be merry. Oh, and maybe watch the new Seinfeld DVD, if I break down and actually buy it. I’ve been buying entirely too many DVDs lately (The O.C, Elf, etc) but this one looks like a keeper. Plus I heard Michael Richards on NPR yesterday talking about Kramer and it really made me interested in what the commentaries have in them. But it’s, like, 80 bucks, right? (Although, as we all know from the entry I did a few days back, the price will certainly vary.) Still, I have to admit I’ve only watched four episodes of my OC box set and it’s already been worth the money I spent. And I have so many more yet to watch! So you just never know.

Anyway. I wish you all the happiest of Thanksgivings, with all the good things already listed. But most of all, I hope you all have family and friends and health and happiness, because when you do, all those little frustrations don’t matter. Or at least, not so much.

have a great day everyone!