Last day of classes for me. Yessssss! This is when the perks of being an instructor, as opposed to a student, really kick in. After today, I have a stack of revisions to read and grades to hand in. My students, on the other hand, have EXAMS, multiple, to take. But I did put in my time with that, all those years ago. So it’s fair, right?

(I can hear the muttering and grumbling even as I write this, I swear.)

So I’ve done pretty well the last few entries trying NOT to talk about TV, but today I just can’t help myself. I am so disgusted with America’s Next Top Model. (SPOILER ahead: If you didn’t watch last night, or DVR’d the show—Courtney, this means you!—don’t keep reading. Okay? Okay.) So the ONLY person I still liked got cut last night: Norelle. I mean, who am I supposed to pull for now? I used to like Amanda, because she was from NC, but then she got so full of herself. And don’t even get me started on Ya-Ya. Frankly, I think it’s odd that they picked a person to stay who hasn’t taken ANY good pictures, and booted someone who always has. Makes me think they’d rather have the drama—i.e. Ann vrs. Eva—than really be fair. Honestly. Add to the fact that Jennifer and Kim both graduated from the Starting Over house yesterday, and I have to wonder if maybe this is a good time to drop both of these shows. It just may be.

(I hear you again: Yeah, right. Hey! I could! You never know!)

Finally, I have to express my joy in my new icon, which I made all by myself. I know it’s not that impressive, but I’m not up on this icon technology. What I’d REALLY like to do is learn how to make fancier ones, like the ones that look like little slideshows, like the one of my books on Sarahland. Are those really hard to do, does anyone know? If not I may have to try to make one over the holidays. With all my spare time.

(Stop muttering, that’s a joke! It is!)

Have a good day everyone!