So this morning I’m clicking around and finding all kinds of things that make me go Hmmmmm. Such as the fact that, on the How to Deal DVD page, we have this review:

This movie is slightly pointless. Usually in movies a character achieves alot and has changed at the end. Elijah Wood’s character does not, only in the way of a relationship with the girl. He does not succeed in his writing. Basicall this story line could have been better, it is a B grade movie…a movie that I dont think did very well in the theatre as I never heard of it before it was released on DVD. Even if you are a major Elijah or Mandy fan, I would still suggest not buying this – Instead buy A Walk To Remember or even How To Deal.

Oh-kay. So. Wrong movie, I think? Isn’t that the one that DID go straight to video, with the girl from Run, Lola, Run? Alright, honest mistake, these things happen. Then I end up on the page for the original version of Keeping the Moon, and right under the title, it says:

by Sarah Dessen “Every morning Mr. Brown and Cobweb ate cheese for breakfast…” (more)

Apparently, this is part of the Search Inside the Book Function. Now, I know it’s been awhile since I wrote Keeping the Moon, but I am pretty much positive this sentence isn’t anywhere in the story. Although, to to fair, it does sound intriguing. I do like the idea of cheese for breakfast. But still.

Maybe it’s just this time of year. Or the fact that Mercury is currently in retrograde. But things just seem a bit, well, off lately. One of those dropping my keys, missing the wastebasket, knocking over my glass, locking myself out of the house sort of weeks, things getting screwy simply because they can. At any rate, it’s a little frustrating, although nothing I can’t deal with. Times like this, you just need to power through and eventually things fall into place. Somehow.

My husband’s been sick this week, and the other night I was making him some tea. I opened up the box and there was a free magnet inside. It has a picture of a buffalo on it, and it says “The wisest follow their own direction.” —Euripides. I stuck it on the counter, where it’s been the last few days as I’ve been trying to navigate all these little foibles and problems. And each time I complain, my husband has picked up the magnet, showed it to me, and said, “Be strong! Like the mighty buffalo!” Which is not, actually, what the magnet says. But it’s a good point anyway. Maybe that, actually, is the point of all this: true meaning isn’t always what you want it to be, or even what it seems to be. But regardless, there is still meaning there. So there you have it: things might be a little off, but I’ll be fine, because I’m going to be like the mighty buffalo. Whatever that, um, means.

have a good day everyone!